About Sundance

Benefits & Background Of Sundance

Our Story

Sundance Hospital is a private freestanding, 116 bed, psychiatric hospital specializing in mental health and substance abuse treatment for children, adolescents and adults. Sundance provides evidence-based, individualized treatment designed to meet the needs of each patient’s customized treatment goals. Our hospital provides a safe environment staffed by compassionate, highly trained professionals who are dedicated to providing patients and their loved ones with the highest level of care. In addition to offering inpatient, acute care services, we provide outpatient programs that help patients as they discharge from inpatient treatment or as an alternative to hospitalization for patients experiencing less acute symptoms.


Using an integrative approach, our staff works with each patient to specifically address the challenges identified in the no-cost initial assessment. Our multidisciplinary treatment team includes physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, adjunctive therapists and dieticians. Patients gain skills in the areas of coping skills, effective communication, self-esteem, health boundaries, life skills, self-care, emotion regulation and more.


The entire treatment process is focused on providing support to the patient so that he or she can learn to live successfully in recovery with mental illness, and where families can gain knowledge and skills to support their loved ones.

Our Vision

Sundance Hospital provides quality treatment utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach and all available resources to maximize the effectiveness of treatment outcomes. Our staff is dedicated to ensure respect for cultural diversity, religious beliefs and individuals rights with our patients. Our goal is always to extend the highest level of ethical responsibility in meeting the mental health needs of the patients we serve.

Our Mission

Sundance Hospital is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to patients and their families with mental health needs.

  • Levels Of Care

    • Child/Adolescent Inpatient Treatment
    • Adult Inpatient Treatment
    • Child/Adolescent Outpatient Treatment
    • Adult Outpatient Treatment


  • Services

    • Mental Health
    • Chemical Dependency
    • Detoxification
    • Co-Occurring Disorders


Benefits Of Care

What We Do For You

  • Emotional Strength
  • Communication Skills
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Decreased Anxiety/Depression

  • Strengthened Relationship Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Increased Confidence
  • Improved Self Esteem
  • Increased Knowledge and Awareness of Environmental and Emotional Triggers

Benefit from Sundance’s Programs
Learn how you and your loved ones can benefit from the programs and services offered by Sundance