Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Plenty of stereotypes surround all illnesses, and so is mental illness. Mood disorders vary in severity, and that’s why many people find it hard to pinpoint them. However, more to the unpredictable and dramatic mood swings, there are other warning signs of bipolar disorder that you should be aware of. This guide highlights and digs into some of these symptoms.

1. High Energy

A person who has bipolar disorder often has high states of energy. The extra energetic behavior may make him/her initiate and a new project and enjoy it with excessive excitement, enjoyment, racing thoughts, restlessness and a tendency of working towards unattainable goals.

2. Inability to Complete Assignments

People with bipolar disorder rarely finish the tasks assigned to them. This is because they multitask without proper planning; hence leave the projects half finished. They get easily distracted to complete the works and also abruptly lack interest in the activity.

3. Depression

A person with bipolar disorder may have signs of depression like sadness, uncontrollable crying, and sadness, difficulty making decisions, irritability, increased sleep or suicidal thoughts. They dwell so much on the past mistakes, and hence they like interest in life. Unfortunately, the common antidepressants are not effective on the bipolar patients unless used with other drugs.

4. Irritability

In many occasions, a person with bipolar disorder may have highly irritable moods or experience unusual upbeats. The usual irritability does not last for more than 24 hours, but at times it happens for an extended period. This affects their personal life.

5. Rapid Speech

Although some people are talkative or chatty naturally, a person who has bipolar disorder may have a pressured speech. This mostly occurs during a two-way conversation. Apart from rapid speech, the person may easily confuse between two topics; or talk with an absent mind.

6. Sleep problem

People with bipolar disorder do not have a regular sleeping pattern. At times, they oversleep and sometimes lack sleep completely. They might feel great even after resting for few hours. Lack of sleep at night is, therefore, a subtle sign of bipolar disorder.

7. Trouble at Work

People suffering from bipolar disorder experience difficulties at the place of work because their symptoms interfere with their attendance and their relationship with colleagues. Besides, it affects their productivity and ability to finish their projects.

8. Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Almost 50% of bipolar disorder patient’s abuse drugs; especially alcohol. They indulge themselves in drinking practices to improve their moods during the depression. Some victims may become violent due to the increase of drug consumption or even skip some meals to fund their inflated drug needs.

9. EroticĀ Behavior

Bipolar disorder has a manic phase, where the victim indulges in activities that an ordinary person cannot. For instance, they might have high sexual feelings that could result in unusual sexual behaviours. They mainly do that to reduce their mania.

10. Reduced Ability to Think Properly

Often, a person with bipolar disorder has an unsettled mind. They can’t control their thoughts, and they often have many plans to be accomplished at ago. This plight of thoughts makes them make quick decisions, and even sometimes fail to recognize people or remember things.

When you notice the above discussed bipolar disorder subtle signs in yourself or a dear one, seek immediate medical attention. For proper and specialized care, consult a mental health professional or a psychiatrist.

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